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Set atop a small mountain in the Kentucky horse-breeding country, this 12,000 s.f. compound is an unalloyed expression of Federal architecture. Constructed of hand-made brick, the house’s facade features a central portico with cut-limestone columns and a pediment with an oval oculus. Similar porticos cap identical wings flanking the facade to create perfect balance and an air of tranquil repose. Clearly visible from every side of its hilltop perch, this country retreat offers an equally serene rear facade, where only a wooden sunroom interrupts the symmetry. Within, restrained Regency style details perpetuate the dwelling’s air of calm elegance. Reiterating the Classical language of the estate in its barn, Tate drew inspiration from the portico of Inigo Jones’ Covent Church in London for simple Tuscan columns that support a pediment with a round oculus.

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